Travel Travel Diary: Cambodia

Three Weeks in Cambodia

Just over a year ago, I took a trip to Cambodia that lasted 3 weeks. There was so much to this trip and I am dying to tell you all about it!

However, because of the incredible amount of information and stories I want to tell, I have chosen to break it up into a 4-part series.


Cambodian Temples


Each part is incredibly unique and super interesting. Here is what you can expect from this series.


Part 1: How I Prepared for A 3-Week Trip to Cambodia (2.22.17)

This first part walks you through the process of preparing for my trip. This includes mental and emotional preparation as well as getting my stuff packed. I am the type of person who over-prepares so I can guarantee this time was no different!


How I Prepared for A 3-Week Trip to Cambodia

Part 2: On My Way to Cambodia (3.3.17)

This part talks about my experience getting to Cambodia and getting settled the first night. Since the flight itself (not including layover time) was 24 hours and it was my first flight, there is plenty to tell.


On My Way to Cambodia



Part 3: Experiencing Cambodia (3.24.17)

Now, this post might be a long one and might have to be broken down even smaller. I mean, 3 weeks, that’s a lot of stories! I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. Essentially, this section is all about my experiences in Cambodia, what I learned, and what I wish I had done.


Experiencing Cambodia

Part 4: How I Experienced Cultural Re-Integration (5.5.17)

This final part is a tad more personal. Spending 3 weeks in a culture that is so incredibly different than your own takes a toll. This article is going to be me explaining how it feels to re-integrate, what I found easy, and what was most difficult.


Cambodian-American Cultural Reintegration


All About Cambodia