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About Jihi Elephant and Elizabeth

Introduction to Jihi Elephant

Welcome to Jihi Elephant, a blog where I write about what I love. My official categories are Life, Organization, and Mental Health. The goal of Jihi Elephant is to give helpful tips and information to improve the quality of life of busy people. I also tell stories about my life and my experiences.

Jihi is a Buddhist term that refers to eliminating suffering with compassion. Likewise, this is the goal of Jihi Elephant.

Learn more about how I chose my blog name here!

Cambodian Monk and Elephant

What is the Purpose of Jihi Elephant

What is the purpose Jihi Elephant? I created the blog to share my own organization and mental health knowledge, tips, and tricks with my readers! Jihi Elephant is also an outlet to share people and products I love as well as sharing stories.

The Category: Life

The category Life encompasses A LOT. Under Life, you can find beauty product reviews and unboxing posts, stories from my travels, book reviews, recipes, life hacks, and more!

Life topics will be posts at least once a month on the first Friday. Occasionally I do bonus posts and these might be life topics. If I do a product review, these are most-likely bonus posts (but not always).

Each month I will also be doing an Ipsy Glam Bag Review for that month. The date this comes out will vary because it is based on my receiving the package.

The Category: Organization

The Organization category is exactly what it sounds like. I post about home and life organization. This will include how-to’s, DIY, home organization, bullet journaling, other forms of planning, home decorating and other helpful organization topics.

Organization topics will be posts at least once a month on the second Friday. Similar to Life, Organization topics may be posted as a bonus post or more than once a month.

Additionally, I will be providing monthly bullet journal updates at the beginning of each month. I am an avid planner and love bullet journaling and love to share it with you!

The Category: Mental Health

Mental Health, also encompasses a multitude of topics. Mental Health posts might include aromatherapy, psychology, self-love, challenges, and other mental health topics. Again, like the other categories, this topic is posted every third Friday and potentially more often.

More About the Writer, Elizabeth

Elizabeth 1

First off, my name is Elizabeth. I  graduated with my Bachelors in Arts, majoring in psychology, in November 2016, and am currently working towards a Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling.

I have just been accepted into my preferred graduate program and am preparing to make the move! In the meantime, I am working as a direct care worker on the midnight and afternoon shift. As well as Managing a waterside ice cream trailer. Because of my hours, I have way more free time than I am used to.

I had been looking into and researching starting a blog for months but was too nervous to actually do one, wanting my focus to be on graduating. Finally, after being graduated for over a month and having been working for a few weeks I decided to go for it! The next day I bought my domain and jumped right in! Thus, the birth of Jihi Elephant!

Elizabeth Ghekiere
Just a casual selfie.

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Some Random Facts About Me:

  • My favorite color is a forest-y, olive-green colorSunshine
  • I have a crested gecko named Kaida (Kaida means little dragon)
  • Organizing is actually a hobby of mine
  • I am an extremely picky eater and hate to be pressured into trying new foods
  • I love yoga, playing beach volleyball, painting (but I am not the best)
  • My favorite season is summer, I LOVE summer
  • I don’t drink coffee, but I really enjoy the smell of coffee shops
  • I have never dyed my hair, despite being frequently asked

About Jihi Elephant

February 10, 2017