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Getting Artsy | July 2017 Bullet Journal Spread

Getting Artsy | July 2017 Bullet Journal Spread

This month is a crazy month for me with my move to North Carolina taking place and everything that goes down with such a drastic move. Because of this, I have placed very specific list and tracking pages smack dab in the middle of my weekly pages. I was also inspired by some bullet journal pages on Instagram and decided to get ARTSY. I broke out my Tombow Pens and went to work!

Some big changes I made include the addition of two pages in the middle of my weekly spreads and I chose to remove the sleep tracker (I stopped using last months around the 14th of June—it’s difficult to remember to use it!). I also completely changed up the order and layout of the weekly spreads. While they still appear similar to before, they are customized more to life on my own. And finally, I got around to updating my index after about three months 😛



Lastly, I have decided to take a new approach to my images. Before I had scanned the pages in using my Mother’s scanner, however, because I am moving, I will no longer have a scanner. Because of this change, I’ve decided to give actual photos a try. Other bloggers and Instagrammers do this, but when I tried for my first bullet journal post, I was unhappy with their turnout. Since then, my skills have grown and I’ve tried again! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Getting Artsy | July 2017 Bullet Journal Spread


Monthly Calendar

Okay, so July is the month where we celebrate Independence Day over here in the United States. This so happens to be my favorite holiday, so my calendar page has a VERY obvious theme: 4th of July!

The first change is the Title: “July.” I have enlarged it and removed the days in July from the calendar completely. Then I added an image of the American Flag. Instead of greens, black, and brown being my colors scheme, I have gone with red and blue—naturally.



I also decided to be more dramatic with the previous of next month

The quote this week is “Never give up because great things take time.” I really needed this quote because of my impatience with moving and the entire process involved. But I will persevere!


July Bullet Journal Weekly


Week One: July 3rd – July 9th

For the first week, I have chosen to stick with the Independence Day theme, since it is this week that the holiday is in. I chose to line the categories with blue and decorate with red. Note the little red stars and swirls in the heading.

Functional changes include the removal of the “appointments and meetings” category on the left-hand side and having it added to the right-side page. I also enlarged the “to-do” category and put it on the left-hand page. Then, the “shopping list” category was enlarged on the right-hand side.


July Bullet Journal Weekly


Week Two: July 10th – July 16th

For week two, I went with a summer theme. I decorated the bottom with a wave and the top with a sun. Each category title is met with waves as well. The color scheme is light bright blue. The organization of the categories is the same as week one, however, I have broken them up by leaving a space in between each. I have also moved the dates over to the right-hand page. The week title is in a dainty cursive.



Bullet Journal Moving Out Of State Checklist


Moving Checklist

With a green and yellow theme, and some Pinterest research, I have created a moving checklist. I haven’t yet completed nearly as much as I should have by now, but I am working on it! This page includes the categories: “Asap,” “3-Weeks,” “1-Week,” “Day Before,” “Day Of,” and “Days After.”


BUllet Journal Budget


New Budget Page

I created this page because I now have new bills and responsibilities. Granted, I am not 100% sure of my utility costs yet so this is an estimate, it will still be incredibly useful. I have gone for a deep purple title and quote. The Quote is “Spend well, not more.” A great reminder! The quote also features a little pink piggy bank. The budget part of the page is in green (income) and red (expenditures).


July Bullet Journal Weekly


Week Three: July 17th – July 23rd

Week three is the same layout as week two. It is another summer theme with the sun behind the title and grass along the bottom of both pages. The categories are lined in black and written in green. This week the title does not include dates, but only says “July” in a pinkish red. Unfortunately, the coloring from week four has bled through.


July Bullet Journal Weekly


Week Four: July 24th – July 30th

Continuing to be creative, I have gone with a  nature theme for week four. Behind the title is a large tree and in the bottom left-hand corner is a purple flower. This week I used my Tombow pens to involve some subtle shading! This week is functionally the same as week three but uses a periwinkle, purple, and green category titles. I also used black bold fonts for the week title so that it would show over the tree.



Apartment List Update

I do not plan to have some of these things until I am in North Carolina, and some others are no longer needed. But, I will have everything eventually!


Index Update Bullet Journal


Index Update

Woo! I finally updated my index!


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What are your thoughts on my new images and artsy style? Let me know in the comments below!



Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant


My Bullet Journal Tools

  • Rhodia Goalbook, Raspberry
  • Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook, A5 size
  • Essential Gridline Notebook, A5 size
  • Northbooks Dots Hardcover Notebook
  • Arteza Real Brush Pens Watercolor Markers
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Secondary
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Primary
  • Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point, Limited Edition Tropical & Assorted Colors
  • Fineliner Pens by Pluqis
  • Wonderful Washi Japanese Decorative Paper Craft Tape - Geometric Collection
  • Uclever Decorative Washi Tape
  • Estone Wooden Box Number Alphabet Letter Wood Rubber Stamp