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Backpacking Guide: Four Essentials Every Backpacker Needs

Backpacking Guide: Four Essentials Every Backpacker Needs

Backpacking through the world and discovering new people, new places, and new cultures is a real eye-opener. It’s a chance that many people would jump at if they could, so if you’ve got what it takes to get up and go, there should be nothing stopping you. However, backpacking isn’t exactly the most glamorous of lifestyles. So, it goes without saying that you’ll need a few essential items with you to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Here’s a list of backpacking needs you can rely on.



Travel Backpack

Let’s start with the most obvious. You can’t go backpacking without a backpack. But, the type of backpack you take with you is important. If you’re going on a long trip, you’ll need a backpack that will last you the duration. Depending on your height and strength, you’ll need to think about the weight of the backpack when it’s full. What will you be able to carry in hot weather or other adverse weather conditions? Finding a backpack with lockable compartments will also be handy when it comes to storing money, passport or other forms of I.D. You could benefit from a detachable smaller bag as well. These detachable bags help so you don’t need to carry your entire backpack on shorter trips.


Backpacking Guide: Four Essentials Every Backpacker Needs


Travel Towel

You will kick yourself if you forget to take a travel towel with you. It can come in handy during a variety of situations which you may not have thought of. Along with drying you after a shower, it is thereafter a dip in the sea, when you’ve been caught in the rain, and it will help if you have forgotten your sunhat in a heat wave. It’s compact, foldable, easy to store and easy to clean. You can pick up towels with quick-drying designs if you’re constantly on the go and you can even find ones with antibacterial protection.


Travel Guide

You may not want to look like a tourist, standing in the middle of the street referring to a travel guide, but when you haven’t been to a place before, they really come in handy. The best travel guides are full of useful information, like main attractions, top restaurants, and language tips. If English isn’t your first language, check out Tower of English before you go. No matter where you are in the world, you don’t have to look too far before finding someone who speaks English.


Sleeping Bag

Backpacking is lots of fun, but when you’re traveling off the beaten path, it can be easy to get lost. There will be times where you’re forced to sleep outside because you’re losing the light or you have to make yourself cozy on a less than a sanitary bed in a hostel. Having a sleeping bag with you ensures you have something comfortable and clean to sleep on, no matter where you are. It’s also the best way of protecting yourself from bugs and mosquitoes during the evening.


If these four things are at the top of your priority list, you’ll have nothing to worry about as you travel.



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Backpacking Guide: Four Essentials Every Backpacker Needs