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Experiencing Cambodia (a series of stories from my experiences in Cambodia)

Experiencing Cambodia

At this point in my All About My 3-Week Trip to Cambodia series, I have now arrived in Cambodia! I was writing this post and realized just how long it really is. Instead of having one way-too-long post, I have decided to break it up. That’s right, a series within a series!

This post is going to include an overview of the trip and then link you to all the other stories! This means that you get to choose which stories interest you, just click on the headings!


Before we get into the story telling, I need to warn you that all the details that I write here about Cambodia are based on my own memory and personal experience. My recollections may no longer be factual or may be flawed. See my Terms & Conditions Page for more liability information.


Trip Outline

This is the general plan or outline of the trip.


Monday through Friday, we stayed in the same small hotel in Phnom Penh and were designated a roommate. We spent these days visiting a lot of places in Phnom Penh or nearby. The places we visited were largely meant for learning and academic purposes.



The weekends were treated more like a vacation. At these times we would go outside of Phnom Penh and stay in a much nicer hotel, doing things like spending a day on the beach or touring Cambodian Temples.

Rabbit Island

Places We Went & Things We Did

My Cambodian Diet: Food I Tried In Cambodia (3.28.17)

I am a picky eater, and Asian food is not my favorite. How did I survive!?

Cambodian DIet

Walking Around in the Streets of Phnom Penh (3.30.17)

What was it like perusing the streets of Cambodia’s capital? It was so much different than strolling the streets of my hometown in Michigan!

wALKING the streets of phnom penh

Genocide: Killing Fields & S21 Prison of Cambodia (4.3.17)

Here is where I talk about what it was like to tour two places where millions of Khmer people were murdered, for no reason. What an experience!

Killing Fields and S21 Prison Cambodia

Meeting Cambodian Women Working in Clothing Factory (4.5.17)

Meeting women who make clothes for a living.

MEeting Cambodian Factory WOrkers

A Day On Rabbit Island (4.10.17)

An island vacation!

A Day On Rabbit Island

Visiting Cambodian Schools (4.12.17)

Hanging out with Khmer people of all ages!

Cambodian School

Visiting Cambodia’s Vietnamese Floating Communities (4.17.17)

Vietnamese? I thought we were in Cambodia…? I was, learn about the Vietnamese floating communities here.


Meeting Buddhist Monks (4.19.17)

Hear about my experience interacting with Buddhist Monks!

Meeting Cambodian Buddhist Monks

Siem Reap Temple Exploration (4.24.17)

Exploring ancient temples and temple ruins, how cool!

Riding Elephants and Temple Exploration in Siem Reap

Shopping at Cambodian Markets (4.26.17)

Read all about shopping in Cambodia!

Cambodian Market Shopping

Cambodian Youth Nights (5.1.17)

We got to hang out with a bunch of people our own age!

Cambodian Youth Nights

Learning About Cambodian Non-Profit Organizations (5.3.17)

We visited several non-profits, read about those experiences here.

Cambodian Non Profits

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Experiencing Cambodia

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