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Holiday Destinations | Where You Need to Go for An Extended Holiday

Holiday Destinations | Where You Need to Go for An Extended Holiday



Who doesn’t love the idea of an extended holiday? Backpacking is something that can last for months or years at a time, whereas, holidays are often short breaks that the last between a weekend to two weeks. But an extended holiday might last three weeks to six months. Extended holidays can give you a real taste of the culture in which you are visiting. An extended holiday best suit people who have retired from daily work, or maybe a young couple taking a career break. Whatever stage of your life you are at, or what you want to do, an extended holiday could be right for you!

But where do you go for your holiday? To answer this question, first, consider why you are choosing an extended holiday. People take these sorts of holidays for various reasons. These might be to get to know the destination or culture, to gain work experience or simply for the experience. Some people want the experience without completely severing their current life or culture. Consider why you want to take an extended holiday and keep reading to learn a little bit about some of the most popular extended holiday locations around the world!


An Extended Holiday in Asia

Asia is quickly becoming known for its developing technologies and fast-paced lifestyle. So, it should not be a surprise that it is a hot spot for an extended holiday. Two of the hottest holiday locations in Asia are Singapore and Tokyo.


Holiday Destinations | Where You Need to Go for An Extended Holiday



Singapore is an island city-state off Southern Malaysia. It is a fast-paced global financial center, making it an ideal place for work if you happen to have a career in the financial sector. It is a great place to live as renting an affordable house in Singapore is easier than ever before. It is no surprise why more people are considering it a place for permanent dwelling. There is also much to explore in Singapore such as the night safari, the Universal Studios, and the Gardens by The Bay.



Tokyo is Japan’s busy capital city, bustling with the ultramodern architecture and culture meets traditional. It is a metropolitan city with vast technology. Tokyo is well-known for its skyscraper buildings and shopping culture. Japan and Tokyo are known for some of the most out-there and modern technology, lending itself to be the perfect destination for an extended holiday.


An Extended Holiday in Australia

Australia is another popular country to emigrate to. So many people like to dip their toes into the Australian waters and get a taste for this new way of life by taking an extended holiday here. The country is so vast, that there are plenty of places to see. Two of the most popular location for an extended holiday is Melbourne and Sydney.


Holiday Destinations | Where You Need to Go for An Extended Holiday



Melbourne has sat at the top of the list of most livable cities in the world for a few years now, leading many people consider it as a place for an extended holiday and an eventual home. The city sits on the picturesque Yarra River—an excellent location for watersports and iconic river cruises. It also has an array of architecture, winding pedestrian lanes, an excellent music scene, and a celebration of performing arts. There are many different housing options, and buying in Melbourne is easier than you may believe.



Sydney is perhaps the most well-known location in Australia, famous for the Sydney Opera House and other iconic Australian monuments. Sydney is also a fabulous bustling city worthy of a holiday. Sydney is home to attractions such as the Royal Botanical Gardens and the famous Harbour Bridge. But don’t forget a visit the surfer’s paradise, Bondi Beach.


An Extended Holiday in the United States

The USA is huge, so it can be hard to choose which state or city you would want to explore first. I have made it easy by narrowing down an east coast location and a west coast location. But there are so many other places in between that touring in the US could take a lifetime. Two places perfect for an extended Holiday in the US are New York City and Los Angeles.


Holiday Destinations | Where You Need to Go for An Extended Holiday


New York City

If you are into your shopping, then New York City should be high on your list of destinations to visit. It can also be an ideal location to stay for a while. There are many shopping opportunities and fabulous sights to see such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. The city is fast-paced and would suit someone who enjoys big city living.


Los Angeles

In the southern part of the sunny Californian state lies the city of Los Angeles. It is famed as the film and TV capital and has the iconic Hollywood sign over-looking. Paramount, Universal, and Warner Brothers all have studios here and behind-the-scenes tours. There is also the famous staples center, the iconic walk of fame, and Rodeo Drive to explore. LA has so much to do and such beautiful weather, that an extended holiday could easily turn into a permanent one.


I hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to extended holiday locations. Let me know in the comments below what you think of these locations, or about other locations you think should be added to my list!



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Holiday Destinations | Where You Need to Go for An Extended Holiday