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How to Hide Ugly Home Features | Integrated Design

How to Hide Ugly Home Features | Integrated Design

Interior Design is a beautiful concept. It gives us the means and methods to put our personal stamp on our living space, making it our own unique place. Statement pieces of furniture, art on the walls, strategically placed mirrors and house plants can transform the ordinary into something pretty magical.

Sometimes though, there are certain pieces of furniture and appliances which just aren’t stylish at all, so today is where we will take a look at some awesome hacks to hide ugly features in your home, or even make a statement with them.



A Lick of Paint

If you happen to live in a house with a 70’s style, then you’ll most likely have some *ahem* interesting color choices gracing your home. From Jade green bathtubs to bright orange radiators…The times have certainly changed since these were in style. If you do happen to have a garish colored radiator in your house, you can simply paint over it. Find either a good white paint or a color which is less in your face and matches your room, and paint away! What a difference it can make.



Shelf Space

Some companies such as Academy Air will offer relatively attractive HVAC systems to grace your home with, so hiding your heating system might not be necessary. In this case, there is another way you can jazz up that wall space. Add in a small wooden shelf above the radiator and decorate it with small succulents and candles. Adding a shelf will instantly take the eye away from the heating and onto the colors which lie above. It’s all about tricking the eye. You can alternatively hang a beautiful piece of art or paint a mural on the wall space above to again distract the eye from your radiator.



Hidden Appliances

There are ways to hide your appliances and heating systems cleverly so that unless you knew it was there, you’d never notice. Well-placed kitchen units and fake walls which slide across can hide your oven, bins, washing machine, and dryer. You can even create hidden storage space inside your staircase to store things such as DVDs, shoes, and books which would otherwise clutter your living area. Radiators can be turned into stylish sideboards and hold photo frames and candles. If you didn’t know what was underneath that sleek exterior, it wouldn’t even cross your mind.


No More Wires

In this day and age, wires, and cables seem to dominate the living space which leads to ugly, tangled wires strewn carelessly across the floor and on countertops. There are plenty of ways you can overcome this problem, by disguising the cables inside a box or even having them go through the wall.

One great example of this is to take a box that you like the design of, take the lid off and cut holes into the back to feed your wires through. Simply place an extension lead inside the box and plug-in your cables, then put on a shelf close to the mains socket and voila!


Too Many Consoles

Where there are cables, there are also plenty of consoles and devices to go with them. DVD players, digital TV boxes and Games Consoles aren’t the most attractive feature in your home and can be easily hidden to make your room look more tidy and larger instantly.

Many living room cabinets now come with a back panel missing to allow you to plug-in all of your devices to the wall and place them inside. This way when you look around your room, you can only see your TV and a sleek cabinet underneath it. And if you don’t want your TV on show all the time, you can also put that in too.

Another idea that has been circulating the web for a long while now is to disguise devices behind fake books. A bookshelf is a much more attractive piece to view than tonnes of electrical equipment. If you don’t have the budget to fork out on expensive cabinets, then this is a brilliant option. Why not check out another post from the blog: DIY- It’s Easier Than You Think, to give you some inspiration.



Poor Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent weeks constructing a beautiful, warm and stylish living space, because if you have a giant, sparkly chandelier hanging from the ceiling that’ll be the first thing guests will notice. There are so many beautiful lighting options in stores so you can pretty much find something to suit any style. Also, think about the bulb you are using. If you want a light, bright space, the last thing you need is a yellow toned light bulb to cast a golden glow on everything in sight. Aim for a neutral, white glow, and you can’t go wrong.


Unattractive Flooring

The hope is that when you move into a house, you won’t be faced with a 1970’s paisley carpet…But sometimes things don’t go to plan, and you have to try to make the most of a bad situation.

A good rug can be a lifesaver. If you can find yourself an every day, plush rug which covers most of the carpet, you can make do until you have the money to buy a carpet.

Alternatively, you can rip the carpet out and invest in some reclaimed floorboard for a reasonable price. Wood flooring can instantly make a room feel bigger than a carpeted one, and this could entirely transform your home.



Your home is your palace, and no one wants to hate where they live. With some smart thinking and using the material available to you, you can instantly make a lasting impact on your home with a few simple changes. Hide that heater, change your lighting and add some innovative storage space in the process. Integrating design with practicality takes your home to the next level.

What awesome designs have you done in your home to spice it up!?


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How to Hide Ugly Home Features | Integrated Design