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I Love Summer Because I Can Be Me!

I love summer because i can be me

This lovely post was written by Erika of Entirely Erika. Read about why Erika loves summer!


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I love Summer because it gives my husband and I the chance to travel. By day, I am a third-grade teacher and by night, I am a blogger. Between the months of August and May, I pretty much fill my days with lesson plans, blog posts, and dreaming of where we will travel during June and July. It is not until these months that we can travel to our hearts’ desire. Throughout the school year, I am an insatiably pinning what to do while my husband finds the best places to eat according to Yelp!

Before becoming an adult, my family also did most of their traveling during Summer. I can remember as far back as the age of five visiting Daytona Beach, Florida like clockwork in the month of July. Would you believe me if I said, at the age of 29, we still make this annual trip? This brings me to my next reason for loving Summer.


I love Summer because I can be me



Summer also makes me think of my family and how it brings us together. Again, my teaching schedule and the fact that my entire family lives over 2 hours {one way} away, this makes it hard to see my family as much as I’d like during the school year.

When I am out of school and between traveling, we try to visit family as much as we can. This includes, but does not limit graduations, picnics, birthday parties and any family vacations. When my family is together, you never know what is going to happen or who is going to say what and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!


I love Summer because I can be me


Being Free to Be Me

Overall, Summer possesses perks for many…vacation, sun tanning time, etc. The extra perks for me include the ability to drink all the coffee as I want with no regrets; binge-watching all the Netflix I need to catch up on; attending all the amazing concerts that happen during the hottest months, and lastly, I can stay up late {due to coffee} and blog away!

The freedom to spend my time how I want; where I want; and to truly be myself makes Summer all the better! I hope you are able to do the same this Summer and all other Summers to come!


I love Summer because I can be me

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I love summer because i can be me