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Neha I Love Summer Because

This lovely post was written by Neha of NehaViews. Read about why Neha loves summer!


Neha I Love Summer Because


I love summer because it’s not muddy due to rain, nor I am shivering due to winter. I can enjoy the riverside and mountains alike. Summer has its own charm, food, or fruits that are very cooling.


Ashoka Tree Tents

In India, the summers are really hot. While only early mornings and evenings are worth the effort of going out, nonetheless, it is still better than the winters. I remember, in my school, there were long Ashoka trees which had its branches touching the ground making a natural tent. This was our favorite spot to relax and play after a long sunny sports period. That was an amazing relaxation as kids we would feel like adventure beating the heat.


Neha I Love Summer Because


Time with Family

Summers also gives reason to travel or go on family vacation to the mountains as they will have the most pleasant environment: not very cold not too hot. Summers are also the time when we can just jump in the nearby pond or river and enjoy the cold breeze all around. As kids, our family would take us to a nearby pond, river to enjoy the water or boat ride on a lake. These are the family time away from daily chores each member of the family can be seen relaxed and enjoying. These times also created memories and brought us closer to relatives.


Neha I Love Summer Because


Summertime Food

As a kid, I loved the idea of summer, as it was the reason for the long vacation from school and visiting our grandparents. In my country, like rest of the world, the food preparation changes according to the weather and I simply love summer food and drinks. Grandmother showered us with the best food, fruit, and coolers. She just knew how to pamper us throughout the afternoon so we get the energy to play in the evenings. Mango and watermelon make their way topping every household.   Raw mango gives us some reason to make coolers, uncooked or cooked food. Most of the household starts using the mango and mint leaves in some of the other forms in the meals. Elders also have other food preparations specially done during summers, which help the body to fight the heat outside. My mother still starts preparing pickles and chips, which would last for the rest of the year.


Rising Temperatures

In India, we face summers which are painful to some part of the country, as the temperature rises and dry air all through the afternoon. The water coolers are then used, making the afternoons relaxed and cool from this hot dry air. Some of the cities near to the ocean are still better with the temperature, but every situation and its solution have its own magic.


Neha I Love Summer Because


To summarize, I love summers for the long holidays from school, wonderful vacation trips, and complete family chill out time, for the food and coolers, for that small shade from the sun under a tree. The summers always remind me of memories. wish to make beautiful memories for my kids too.


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Neha I Love Summer Because