15 Things to Remember When Packing for Vacation

Your long-awaited vacation has arrived! You bought your air tickets in advance, booked the best hotel and planned the best tours. But when arriving at the airport, the airline official asks to dismantle any suitcase that took hours to pack because it is littered with forbidden items to carry on board.

Worse still, your luggage has been lost and employees cannot locate it simply because it is unidentified. Finally, the suitcase is found, but bad luck, the weather forecast has completely changed, it is a scorching heat and you only took clothes for the cold.

To ensure a smooth trip and avoid headaches, tourists should plan and pack their bags very carefully. Here is a list of 15 tips to help you pack for your vacation!



1. Make a Packing List

It may even be boring, but making a list with everything you need to bring is the passport for a stress-free trip. Separate the essential items from the desirable ones and be realistic about what your luggage limitations are.



2. Attention to the First Aid Kit

No need to overdo it and set up a pharmacy as if you were going to jungle. A small ‘necessaries’ with the medicines you take on a day-to-day basis or that you may need is enough. No one wants to ruin the trip and suffer from a high fever, stomachache, or a headache just in time to have fun. It is good to remember that in certain cities or countries some medicines, such as for allergy and asthma, can only be purchased under medical prescription, so it is better to take the risk of running out of time while you are away from home.


3. Limit the Transport of Liquids

Although these restrictions are known, many people are still confused whether or not to go through airport security with a simple bottle of water. To avoid embarrassment, it is recommended that all liquids carried in hand luggage do not exceed 100 ml per item and are packed in a small, transparent bag. If you are carrying something larger, keep it in the bag that will be checked.


4. Identify Your Luggage

Unless you are a spy or do not want to be found under any circumstances there is no reason to travel incognito. Most bags have spaces to put ID tags, so be sure to fill them to avoid the annoyance of staying days without your clothes in case the airline loses your luggage.



5. Pay Attention to Baggage Restrictions

Remember, if the airline informs you that your bag cannot exceed “23 kg” it means, guess what! You can only carry 23 kg. So pack your bags before going to the airport to avoid being forced to pay an extra fee to embark or, worse, having to get rid of that beautiful mesh that you have earned as a gift. Understand that restrictions exist for your security.


6. Leave Space for Purchases

It is inevitable that on trips, mainly to the outside, you return home with much more luggage than on the way. So, remember to leave spaces in the suitcases to place your purchases.

Avoid, for example, carrying too many shoes. For a trip of 1 to 2 weeks, 3 pairs are sufficient. More important than volume, is versatility. So choose a pair of footwear for every occasion, such as for a trail, city walk, or a party. Another tip is to board using heavier footwear. The other shoes can be filled with socks.

Unless you are planning to travel to a deserted island, the same goes for cosmetics. In addition, the fewer products you take the smaller the chances of the liquids opening and soiling everything in the bag. That facial cream that you cannot live without, try to take only what you will use while you are away from home. This way, you can discard the empty packaging and ensure more space in the bags for the purchases. Another tip is to wind the clothes, which also helps reduce wrinkles and creases while handling the luggage.



7. Carry Valuables in Your Carry-On

Nowadays it is very rare for airlines to lose their luggage. But, why take the risk of losing your tablet or camera? Store all your valuables, such as electronics and jewelry, in your carry-on luggage.



8. Do Not Forget the Adapters

Be aware of the types of outlets that are used in the country you will be visiting. Before embarking, do a search and buy the right adapters.


9. Take Only The Clothes That Are Needed

You might want to take that banana top for a ride, but is it really necessary? Choose clothes that can be used in any situation and take only a gala if you have to attend an event. Leave those weird pieces to use at home.



10. Beware of Delicate Objects

If you have to pack some Chinese porcelain dishes or glass goods such as wine bottles, for example, make them with plastic bubbles or place them between the clothes. This is the safest way for gifts and keepsakes to come home in one piece.


11. Take Your Undergarments In Your Carry-On

It is always a good idea to have a set of undergarments and some other pieces in your hand luggage in case the suitcase is lost.



12. Do Not Try To Guess The Time

Depending on your destination, weather forecasts can be the best friends or enemies of your vacation. Check the weather conditions to better plan the trips during the trip, as well as what clothes should lead to a certain climate, avoiding loading pieces that will only take up more space in the suitcases. It is worth saving space to carry a small umbrella or a cover.


13. Do Not Take Your Manicure Kit

If you are thinking of carrying fingernail scissors, scissors or any other tool that might be considered a white weapon in your luggage, give up the idea. They are completely banned and airport officials will ask you to discard them.



14. Towels

Think hard if you really need to bring towels (which take up a lot of luggage space). It is worth remembering that hotels offer towels, both for bathing and for use in the pools or on the beaches, so you may not need them.


15. Avoid Packing Metal Objects

It is unlikely that you will need to totally undress at the time of passing the metal detector in the boarding area, but you may have to take some clothes off. Therefore, it is best not to ship with jewelry, belts and other accessories that have many metals to avoid passing disorder. In the case of carrying electronic items, tell the airport security personnel everything you are carrying in your carry-on baggage.


Bags packed? All checked? So make your travel checklist and make the most of your vacation!



This post was written by Obaid Ahmed. Obaid Ahmed loves blogging and making creative content. Currently, he is working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Dream World Travel. You can learn more about him on Facebook and Twitter.


Things to Remember While Packing your Bags for Vacation