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Travel Guide | Summer in Port Huron, Michigan | Part 3 – Attractions

Port Huron Michigan Attractions

This Travel Guide post focuses on Port Huron, Michigan, my hometown! I was inspired to do this post because of how much I love summer and how much fun Port Huron is in the summer! What a place to be when the sun is shining! Being right on Lake Huron, there is plenty to do, like a day at the beach or a day downtown. You are sure to find something you love! This is by no means a comprehensive list of activities and attractions, just the most popular ones, or the ones I personally love and recommend!


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I also do not want to sound like an advertisement, as I am not getting any form of payment for this post. I just want to share the wonders of my hometown with you!

Port Huron is a pretty touristy town, with it being the Maritime Capital of Michigan and all. Our attractions reach from museums to the oldest lighthouse in the state. Check out some of these Amazing Port Huron Attractions (and these aren’t even all of them)!

Fort Gratiot Light Station

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Michigan, established in 1814. It is also the second oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes. This lighthouse first stood 65 feet tall and has since been extended to be 82 feet tall. Tours are available of this beautiful Michigan monument. Head over to the website here to check out hours of operation and pricing.


Fort Gratiot LightHouse


Fort Gratiot LightHouse


Blue Water Trolley

The Blue Water Trolley is a cute little trolley that takes you around Port Huron. A lot of the stops are popular shops and historical landmarks. This is a great way to get around, while also getting a great view of what Michigan has to offer!


Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Housed inside of the Fort Gratiot train depot (build in 1858), the Thomas Edison Depot Museum is the actual depot that Thomas Edison worked out of. Learn more about the rich history as well as hours of operation and pricing here.


Thomas Edison Depot Museum


Thomas Edison Depot Museum


Huron Lightship

A lightship is essential a lighthouse boat. The Huron lightship served for over 50 years, retired in 1970, was the last operating lightship on the Great Lakes. The ship has now become a museum, housing model ships, artifacts, and a live camera at the bottom of the river. Head to the website here to check out hours of operation and pricing.


huron lightship


Huron Lightship



Knowlton Ice Museum

The mission of Knowlton’s Ice Museum is to give people a glimpse into the “natural ice industry of long ago.” Though I have never been to this museum, tourists come from all over the world to visit Port Huron, and this museum is always a stop on their tour!


Huron Lady II

The Huron Lady II is a boat tour of the beautiful Lake Huron! They provide group and private charters in addition to their normal scheduled tours. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s the cruise stops at the River Crab for Dinner.

I have in fact been on this cruise. Because I absolutely love boating, I had a great time. So long as you don’t get seasick, I am sure you would love this breathtaking tour!!



Blue Water River Walk

The Blue Water River Walk is a beautiful River and Lakeside path which provides a gorgeous view of Michigan. Alongside the path is also the Maritime Center, Ice Cream Trailer (which I currently manage), and a food trailer. I love taking a stroll down the river walk after a long shift at the ice cream trailer or when I’ve got time to spare before my shift. It’s absolutely beautiful, the maritime center announces a brief history of each passing freighter. You just can’t beat the view! Plus, there are a ton of events that are hosted here, such as sturgeon fest, powerboat races, and more!


Blue Water River Walk Free Library


Meet Lou Rodriquez, sturgeon sculpture in the Great Lakes


USCGC Bramble (The United States Coast Guard Cutter)

The Bramble, light the lightship, is a retired ship that has now become a museum. If you love history or ships, head over to check out this museum!



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Travel Guide | Summer in Port Huron, Michigan | Part 3 - Attractions