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Travel Guide | Summer in Port Huron, Michigan | Part 4 – Local Businesses & Restaurants

Local Businesses & Restaurants Summer in Port Huron Michigan


This Travel Guide post focuses on Port Huron, Michigan, my hometown! I was inspired to do this post because of how much I love summer and how much fun Port Huron is in the summer! What a place to be when the sun is shining! Being right on Lake Huron, there is plenty to do, like a day at the beach or a day downtown. You are sure to find something you love! This is by no means a comprehensive list of activities and attractions, just the most popular ones, or the ones I personally love and recommend!


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I also do not want to sound like an advertisement, as I am not getting any form of payment for this post. I just want to share the wonders of my hometown with you!

There are so many AMAZING local places in Port Huron, and most have a really cool history. Check out some of Port Huron’s coolest local stores, restaurants, bars, and more!





The Exquisite Corpse Coffee House and Golden Rodent Gallery

I absolutely love the Corpse (as we call it) and am a weekly, if not, a daily customer. Now, I am not a coffee person, but my best friend is a coffee snob. I can easily say that they have the best hot chocolate and chai lattes, and I trust my best friends opinion that it is the best coffee. In addition to a cool unique name, the coffee house is decorated so neatly and also holds an art gallery which features local artists. Located next to the Vault Sweet Shoppe, it is an ideal location to snag a latte before work!


The Exquisite Corpse Cafe and Golden Rodent Gallery



Freighters is another local place that I love. It is a higher end restaurant with a view of the water and the Blue Water Bridge to Canada. But what really makes this restaurant awesome (besides the amazing food), is where everything is made. Freighter’s food is primarily Michigan made, nearly 100%! Even the salt and pepper are made in Michigan! How neat, right!? When you come to town, get dinner and dessert here. I highly recommend getting the mac and cheese and a Rock & Rye Faygo Float.




The Raven

The Raven is another very popular café in the area. It is not only a coffee house, but it is a restaurant, and more recently sells alcohol. With a really cool environment, the café also hosts events such as concerts, bingo, comedy, and more! Check this place out, even if you just get dessert or a drink


The Raven Cafe


The Vault Sweet Shoppe

The Vault Sweet Shoppe is a really neat ice cream parlor and sandwich Shoppe that is housed in an old bank. This is where the Shoppe gets its name: The Vault. It still has the original bank vault which holds an antique money safe. In addition to its cool history, I work here! Well, I work at its second location down by the water. The ice cream is amazing, and I highly recommend the chicken noodle soup that is served on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you are down by the water craving some ice cream, visit me down at the ice cream trailer where we feature different flavors than the shop which are handpicked by the owner, James, and I.


The Vault Sweet Shoppe Port Huron, MIchigan


The Vault Sweet Shoppe Port Huron, MIchigan


Maritime Center & Backstreet’s Waterfront Café

Do you remember when I mentioned the ice cream trailer that I work at only a few moments ago? Well, the Maritime Center is only a 2-second stroll from the trailer. The center has a deli that has delicious salads, a waterfront view, outdoor patio, and a camera under the water. As freighters pass by in the water, listen to the speaker as you will learn the ship’s history, what it is hauling, where it is from, where it is going, and more!


Fuel Woodfire Grill and Spirits

It is my goal to check out Fuel before I move out of town later this summer. I have heard amazing things from all kinds of people, though it is a little out of my budget. Located downtown Port Huron, it is a must-visit!

UPDATE: I went here the other day, and it was DELICIOUS, highly recommend!


fuel woodfire grill


Kate’s Downtown

Kate’s is a coffee shop in downtown Port Huron that offers an organic option. I have personally shopped here and I thought it was such an adorable café!


Kate's Downtown


Kate's Downtown


Palms Krystal Bar / Chicken in the Rough

Palms Krystal is known for Chicken in the Rough and their amazing chicken. Having been a town favorite since 1936, it is also home to various local radio events! I am a huge fan of chicken so this restaurant fits my tastes perfectly!


Pompeii’s Pizzeria and Italian Eatery

If you like Italian, then Pompeii’s is the place for you! You get to watch the cooks throw the pizza dough, the bread is amazing, and there are a ton of options—so you are sure to find something that suits you. Pompeii’s is located downtown and has a neat view of some Italian art out the back!



Tio Gordos

Tio Gordos is a beautiful Mexican restaurant in downtown Port Huron. This restaurant not only has great food, amazing service, and $4 margaritas, but they have an amazingly beautiful outdoor dining area! You’ll fall in love with Tio Gordos!


Tio Gordos


Vintage Tavern

Vintage Tavern has one of those really neat atmospheres that you just must try out. Downstairs the feel is very vintage with wooden everything (including barrels). Upstairs there is a bar and a very vintage balcony environment. I highly recommend the baked macaroni and cheese, it’s my favorite!


Vintage Tavern Port Huron Michigan




Studio 1219

Studio 1219 is iconic in Port Huron. Not only is it an art gallery, but they also have art classes, parties, various events! If you love art, go check out one of Studio 1219’s 6 galleries, or sign up for a class!




Lounies Soap Co.

Now, this is one of my absolute favorite places in Port Huron. I love love love spa products, but they are always so expensive online! This shop offers spa products like bath bombs and soaps for cheap! And they are amazing quality too. But not only are the products awesome, the people there are too! Please check out Lounies! (P.S. their products can be purchased online as well!).


Lounies Soap Co.


Lounies Soap Co.

A Little Something

A Little Something is a place you can find Michigan gifts, trinkets, shirts and other souvenirs. The shop is so cute and the staff is amazing. Hands-down, a shop you much visit.




Sperry’s Moviehouse


Sperry’s Moviehouse is a new fixture in Port Huron, though “Sperry’s” and the building are historic. The original Sperry’s was a hugely popular shopping place in the 1900’s that had been abandoned, yet protected, for a long time. Very recently, Sperry’s was transformed into an adorable and really cool movie house and restaurant. You can go eat at the restaurant or head to the movie and have the restaurant come to you! How cool!? Still, in the works, Sperry’s is a really cool place to go see a movie and grab a bite to eat!


Sperry's Moviehouse Port Huron, Michigan


Sperry's Moviehouse Port Huron, Michigan 2


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Local Businesses & Restaurants Summer in Port Huron Michigan