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This lovely post was written by Sarah of I Heart Frugal. Read about why Sarah loves summer!


Sarah I Heart Frugal


What I Love About Summer!

Summer has always been a favorite season of mine! As a child, I grew up just a few blocks from a lake and it was pure fun! I have fond memories of walking to the lake with my siblings and swimming endlessly while the heat of the sun left a crisp redness at the tip of my nose. I will cherish the memories of growing up in a small lake town.
Nonetheless, as a former teacher, the countdown to summer was always on! After Spring break, I enjoyed the anticipation leading up to that last day of school. The students and the teachers alike joined in on the countdown to lazy summer fun!
Nonetheless, I am a stay at home mom of two boys and I live in a city now. I work hard to create new memories that my kids will cherish and talk about as they grow old.


Five Reasons I Love Summer

I’m going to share five reasons I absolutely love summer! I’m sure you will agree, these are family favorites for all in this glowing, sun-filled season.


Park days

As I look up at my son’s face, I see that familiar smile as I announce, “We are going to the park again!” This is an almost daily occurrence in our house! My sons are three and four (almost five!). So running and exercise are very important! Also, digging in the sand and getting dirty is on the top of their priority list…Isn’t that what little boys are supposed to do?


Ice Cream Walks

Picture my husband walking through the door after a long day of work and being asked by our three-year-old, “Daddy, do you want ice cream?” We live close to a downtown area and these summer walks are family memories I will cherish. As we enjoy our ice cream, we are usually on the lookout for a passing by train.  Oh my, if we spot one while enjoying our sweet treat it is such a big deal!


Ice Cream Cone


Free Concerts & Festivals

Living close to a city has its perks! There are free concerts at our zoo (with a zoo membership) and in our city’s downtown area! As a money-saving blogger, I love cool events with a low price tag, so this rocks! We also have an awesome festival at the end of summer that has some big bands for a fee of $5! I’ve seen Poison, Starship and Smash Mouth for a $5 entrance fee. Seriously, you do not have to spend a ton of money to have fun this summer!



Summer Trips

We start planning our summer trips during winter. First, taking a road trip to the west side of our state where we find amazing beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan. We are also heading to Florida at the end of summer, which is a great place to take kids! Living in Michigan, the flight is only around two hours and my boys will soak up the beach and the rays! We will spend our days making sand castles and swimming! Maybe Mom and Dad will drag them to a restaurant as well. We are making memories here!


Lake Huron Lakeside Beach



We are a family of fish! We are always in the water. It is my husband’s dream to own a pool one day!  So summer is the perfect time for us to partake in our favorite activity.

There you have it! My top five reasons I love summer. I don’t think these activities would be as enjoyable if I didn’t have my boys around! Everything is more fun watching my kids burst with excitement! Concerts, park days and spontaneous summer walks are phenomenal and the anticipation of our trip is building throughout the season!  Here’s wishing you all the best this summer. I know I am going to enjoy mine!

Take care – Sarah


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