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In a culture of chaos, unknowns, surprises, and stressors it is nice to be aware of something that is coming. One thing that stays constant is the fact the summer WILL come each year. That means we are guaranteed sun, warmth, beautiful flowers, green plants, and delicious produce for at least 3 months each year. I am one of those people that look forward to summer starting with day one of fall. So, at this point, I have been waiting for this glorious season since September 22nd. Not like I am counting down the days or anything… 😉

If you didn’t catch the 3 months I mentioned above, let me touch on that a little more. I am an Alaskan girl, born and raised. Contrary to popular belief, it is sunny in Alaska and it is light! The winters are just the opposite though. That means we have a short and sweet time for summer activities which means we don’t waste any time. My childhood consisted of fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, camping, four-wheeling and much more. The summer life in Alaska is one to talk about here. I am so excited to share my favorite summer activities with you; let’s go!





Each spring the water starts to melt, the seagulls start to sing and the air gets warmer. All the while, fishermen (like me!) are preparing the boat, nets, camper, gear, and freezers. At this point, the fish are already on their way up to the inlet & I am stoked to be out on the water. From the surrounding mountains to the Dall Porpoise, there is life surrounding me and gramps (he’s my super cool grandpa). I recommend you get to Kenai, Alaska ASAP and hop your little booty on a fishing boat. Be sure to let me know when you go because I love seeing people in my home!



Okay, raise of hands, do you love camping? (you’re cool) Me too, me too, me too. Something about being fully immersed in nature gets me so excited. Maybe it’s the like-minded people, the camping meals, the lack of luxuries like toilets, who knows? I am the ultimate health foodie so I get to try new snacks, on-the-go meals, and fruit infused water. It’s just good. My favorite places in camp are Hope, Cooper’s Landing, Hatcher’s Pass, and Portage Glacier (all in Alaska).


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I am super bummed that I haven’t been a health nut all my life because I could have grown some pretty incredible things in this Alaskan soil. Our soil is so rich and fertile here that we have world record-breaking produce on display at our Alaska State Fair. This is because of the daylight we get, that’s for sure. I love to grow onions, carrots, beets, squash, strawberries, kale, cucumber, and tomatoes. Oh, and the raspberries, they basically have grown on their own (the golden ones are my fav!). I highly recommend that you make your way down to the Alaska State Fair at some point in your life. The attractions are one in a million and the people are even better. Plus, where else can you go to a state fair and enjoy rides, food, and friends at midnight without it being dark?


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Alright, alright, now I have your attention. Shouting out to all you hikers, Alaska is YOUR place. Seriously, you will go and never come back and you will surely not be disappointed. I am not exaggerating when I say you can take a 10-minute drive from a certain point and be within the range of at least 20 different hiking trails. Hiking is taken very seriously here and you don’t have to be an expert to join in on the fun. We have flat walking trails, rugged mountain trails, and moderate bouldering trails. You can hike back to glacially fed lakes, waterfalls, campsites, rivers, and animal breeding grounds. Some of my favorites are Reed Lakes, Bear Mountain, Mt. Baldy, Portage Glacier and Chugach National trails.

Last but not least is…



If you haven’t seen in my bio, I am a certified Nutrition Consultant. I am also a food blogger which means I love food BUT it must be good food. By good food, I mean good-for-you food. Food that is going to nourish my family and be supportive of the environment. Food that will support local farmers and businesses. Food that is going to add to my health and make me feel good. This is the kind of food I am talking about and this is the kind of food that summer brings around. Fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, edible mushrooms and flowers and of course fresh water. I love to create energy balls, granola bars, raw pies and smoothies out of these living foods and I love the way they make me and my family feel. There is just something about eating from the earth & it is my #1 recommendation for your summer!




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