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I Love Summer Because It’s All Fun and Games

I Love Summer Because It's All Fun and Games

This lovely post was written by Molly of Molly’s Pitcher. Read about why Molly loves summer!


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I love summer because it is filled with fun and games and a little bit of this and that thrown into the mix.  While it’s that simple, it’s also more complicated than that.  I continue to go to work every day and there really isn’t a lot of fun at work, but I know that a significant portion of the world is on Summer Vacation and having fun.  I get to join them on nights and weekends.  It’s a more relaxed time of year.  Schools are out, teachers and students are on summer break and at home or in day camps, or working summer jobs.  People take vacations, have BBQ’s, and meet friends at the beach or pool.


Pixabay Summer Beach Chairs


This is a perfect time of year to enjoy water play, outdoor activities, the beach, and finding the perfectly air-conditioned house or store to cool off in after you have been playing outside for a few hours.   Do you have some time to spend with your kids?  Try one of these activities the next time you hear your kids tell you that they are bored.

Take a Walk

My husband, daughter, dog, and I take walks at night during the summer when it’s light long enough that we’re not as afraid of traffic on our streets seeing us.  After work during the summer, we feel like there is more time to do things as it remains light out longer.  As soon as that sun goes down, we get tired and are ready for bed.  Seriously, in the winter time, I come home and change right into pajamas and a sweatshirt because I know I’m not leaving the house again.  As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we put on shorts and a t-shirt because we never know what we’ll do after dinner.


Go for Ice Cream

Go out and meet the ice cream truck, walk to the ice cream store, or pick up ice cream and take it to a park to eat it.  The occasional treat after a long hot day is nice for both the children and the adults in the family.  At some ice cream places, you can even get doggy ice cream if you’re taking your dog with you.  What better way is there to enjoy a hot evening?


Pixabay Summer Ice cream Cone


Play at the Park

It’s easy and fun to take an hour and walk to a park after dinner and spend some time playing with your son on the jungle gym equipment, swings, and sandbox.  Weekends are great when you can spend a couple of hours at the park.  Once it gets hot, you might have to find parks that have shade on them.  Have you ever tried a metal slide in 90-degree heat?  In case you haven’t, take my word for it, it’s not pleasant.


Summer Fun Parks


Get Wet at Sprinkler Parks

When I was a kid, people used sprinklers and slip-and-slides in their yards to play.  Now that I have a toddler, I’m discovering the wonders and entertainment value of sprinkler parks.  These large, colorful, parks spray cool (or sometimes really, really cold) water over large areas so kids can run and play and dance in the water.  Last summer, my daughter chose the sprinkler park over the pool every time I gave her a choice.  She found joy in getting wet, watching the other kids, working up her nerve to be brave and try the sprinkler that was scaring her at that moment or play with the other kids at the park.


Swim at the Pools and Beaches

If you’re not living in a climate where your year-round temperature is above 70 degrees, summertime is great for swimming at a pool or a beach.  Advantages to this are: you and your kids get some exercise, you all get fresh air, and if you’re lucky, you wear out your children more than you wear out yourself (what I will do to get my daughter to nap!).  The pools and the beaches are also new scenery and a change of pace. At least compared to what you and your family have been doing for the past nine months.  Lather your family up with sunscreen, pack a bag, and go play in the sand and water for a few hours.


Summer Fun Swim


Take a Vacation

With school out for the summer, it’s easier for my family (my husband is a professor) and many others to schedule vacations.  The logistics of traveling becomes a little easier with fewer schedules and activities to juggle.  Also, travel becomes easier (you don’t have to worry about being snow factoring into your travel plans).  Figure out where you can go and take fun trips to visit family, go camping, go to amusement parks, go sightseeing, etc.  Sometimes, a simple camping trip an hour away can be the best vacation your family will ever go on. And surely one your child will remember forever.


Host a BBQ

There is nothing I like better than getting together with friends and having a summer BBQ.  I love hosting them and attending them when they are at close friends or families’ houses.  There are so many different options for foods, activities, and drinks, that no two BBQ’s are the same.


Take in a Baseball Game

Take the kids and your husband to a baseball game.  It could be as simple as going to a local school game, enjoying the entertainment of a minor-league team, or the magnificent stadium of a major-league ballpark.


Summer Fun Baseball


Go to a Movie

It seems like the only time I ever want to go to a movie is in the summertime.  Sometimes the summer days are just too hot to be outside. You can count on the movie theater to be well air-conditioned.  Pick a movie that your kids will enjoy and go hide from the summer sun in the dark theater.

Whatever your choices for entertainment are, it’s great to get out and get moving during the summer.  Enjoy the play and make sure to take the time to relax also.  What will you do with your children this summer?   Have a great summer!


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I Love Summer Because It's All Fun and Games