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I Love Summer Because It’s My Happy Place

I Love Summer Because It Is My Happy Place

Summer is by far my favorite season, I love everything about it. Like, I can’t think of something I dislike about it. If I had to pick three things that I love most about this season it would be the heat, the happy atmosphere, and the activities.


Summer Activities

Don’t get me wrong, I love my big bulky winter and fall sweatshirts and comfortable pants. But I am a warm-weather person, so half of the time, I can wear those things in warm weather. I live in Michigan, only a 15-minute drive from Lake Huron, so where I am from is very summer-centered. Everyone is in bikinis shorts and tank tops all season long. I always have sunscreen and a swimsuit in my car, in case I get invited to the beach after work or just decide to go by myself.


Summer Beach Smile


Like I mentioned, I am a warm weather kind of gal, so even if it’s “warm” out in Michigan, I am probably cold. Chances are, in addition to my beach-preparation, I am prepared for a 70 degree (Fahrenheit) windy day where I need a sweater. Living near the lake, we get what is called Lake-Effect, which essentially means the wind that blows across the water is cooler than it would be in the middle of the state. So, on a windy day, it can be chilly, by my standards (keep in mind my ideal temperature is 85 – 90 degrees).



Unless it’s lightning out, it is always beach volleyball weather. I played varsity and club volleyball in high school and absolutely love it. So, being able to play beach volleyball with friends nearly every day is one of my favorite activities. There is a Facebook group I am a part of that plays volleyball several times a week. Whoever can show up does. It’s amazing, because not only do I get to play volleyball, but I get to meet new people!


Summer Beach Volleyball


Happy Atmosphere

My second favorite part of summer is the atmosphere. In Michigan, we have fairly long winters. During this season, people just don’t go out if it’s not a necessity. But in the summer, everyone is out-and-about, walking around town, crowding the beaches, out on the lake in their boats, throwing parties, walking the boardwalk. You name it, someone is doing it!


Port Huron Bridge to Canada and Boardwalk


In general, people just seem happier in the summer (probably why they want to go out!). I am included in this group of happy summer people (hence, the title of this article). Happiness is contagious. When people are happy, those around them are likely to also be happy. So, when summer is making everyone active and friendly, chances are they will pass that feeling to those they interact with.

the downtown area in my hometown is incredibly cute. Sure, it’s still cute during the colder seasons, but in the summer, it is cute and lively. There are so many adorable shops and I love to walk up and down the street window shopping. Walking around outside aimlessly is not something I will do if my fingers will freeze off. This indescribable feeling that I get in my hometown in the summer, can’t be easily beat. It’s happiness. Especially when I am doing this with those I love. There are a ton of beautiful places to sit down with an ice cream or lemonade and just watch boats go by, or ducks swim around. It’s peaceful and happy.

But, by far, my favorite aspect of summer is the heat.


The Summer Heat

I have alluded to my love of summer heat already, but it is so important to me that I want to talk about it more specifically. This is where talk gets a little real and a little personal.


Summer Heat


Winter is literally my enemy. Like a lot of people during winter, I hermit (stay inside and avoid human contact), I also get depressed. Now, I’m not saying that I get clinically depressed or suicidal, I just get sad and miserable. In the winter, I complain a lot and I never want to do anything, not to mention I eat like I’m a bear preparing for hibernation.



In addition to the bad diet and unpleasant moodiness, I have what is called Raynaud’s. Raynaud’s causes my fingers, and mostly my toes, to get numb in the cold. When they go numb it also is tingly and loses all color and blood flow. The first time this happened to me, I was actually scared my toes were going to fall off, and walking on them was very uncomfortable. While this sucks, it’s still not the most miserable part.


The Cold

Being cold and not being able to warm up is the most difficult part of winter for me. It costs a lot of money to heat a house or a dorm building in the winter. So, generally, people where I am from keep the heat slightly below comfortable and layer up. This doesn’t work for me. If I layer up, I am still cold under the layers. I am cold to my core and the only way to warm up is to shower. But, once I shower I have to crawl into bed to stay warm, thus, ending any potential plans at 8 PM—at the latest. BUT (and maybe I am being fussy and annoying), if I crank the heat to high the air dries out. Fake heat feels suffocating to me.


Hate Winter


So, in the winter, I am either miserably cold or suffocating in dry air. All that being said, I experience none of this in the summer. Even my Raynaud’s doesn’t flare up in the summer. Ever, even in freezing air conditioning. Plus, if I get cold I can just go sit in the sunshine and soak up the heat. I don’t have to crawl into bed at stupidly early hours! During warmer seasons, I am motivated to make plans and take care of myself. I eat healthily and exercise regularly. I love summer because it’s my happy place.


#ILoveSummerBecause Series (#ILSB)

I am using this article about why I love summer to launch my guest post series, I Love Summer Because. For this series, I have asked several bloggers to write about why they love summer.


Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant

I Love Summer Because It Is My Happy Place



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