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I Love Summer Because of the Warmth

ArielC Summer Warmth

This lovely post was written by Ariel of ArielC Blog. Read about why Ariel loves summer!


Summer Warmth ArielC Blog


Summer is my favourite season, and there are many reasons that is.



The first reason is the weather! Here in Norway, it’s usually on the colder side, but if we’re lucky we get a few warmer weeks in the summer. A few weeks to wear dresses and t-shirts, sunbathe, swim, barbecue and just enjoy life a little, to let my bunnies run around outside and eat more flowers and grass than the rest of the year combined, and where I don’t have to put on layers of clothes just to go outside, but can just grab a light jacket on my way out – if anything!

Life feels way better without all those heavy layers holding me back. And during the summer months, it’s light outside from early morning to late night. I can get up early and go to bed late, and it will be light the whole time! Unlike during the fall and winter months when it’s dark when I wake up, and dark when I come home from school, with only a few hours of daylight each day.  And those few hours being when I’m at school. That’s a big difference!


Summer Warmth ArielC Blog


The second major reason I love summer is the ocean. And lakes and pools. As a freediver and scuba diver I love being in the water, and somehow I only seem to do that during summer. I know there are indoor pools, but it’s just not the same. It should be mentioned that the waters here are freezing all year around, but it’s at least warmer than 6 degrees Celsius in the water. That’s 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit if you didn’t know (I didn’t).

And summer equals vacation to tropical places, and vacation to tropical places equals warm ocean, pools, and lakes. Does it get better than that? Throw in a wetsuit, some scuba diving gear and a couple of sharks and I’ll live happily ever after. So there you go – the major reasons I love summer!


Summer Warmth ArielC Blog


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ArielC Summer Warmth