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Cambodian Youth Nights

Cambodian Youth Nights

Once a week we spent time with a group of Cambodian youth and would spend time singing and dancing together, eating Cambodian dishes (like a dog!), and simply getting to know each other. This was really cool because we got to meet and engage with Cambodians our age.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of photos and the simple description. These nights were short and we spent our time conversing and dancing and did not get many pictures taken.

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What We Did At Youth Nights

Youth nights lasted about 2 hours and was held in a small building in Phnom Penh. If you have ever been to a church youth group, these events were structured extremely similarly. We would show up and when dinner was nearly done, and then we would usually do a musical interaction such as singing or playing instruments. After listening to or singing along with the music (Khmer and American), we would break up into smaller group for dinner.



During dinner, we would sit in our small groups and just chit-chat with each other, this was our social time or networking session. The smaller groups were generally half Khmer and half American. We might take turns sharing our favorite color, food, what we were studying, or our career goals. The conversation was up to us!


Youth Nights Cambodia


After dinner, we would play a game that resulted in a forfeit for the losers. I lost one of the games, and with a few others, I had to do the chicken dance. The dance was both awkward and fun! On the last youth night, we exchanged dances! We would show them an American dance and they would show up a Khmer dance. It was unbelievably fun!!


After Youth Night

After youth nights we would say our goodbyes and then if it wasn’t too late, a large majority of my group would go to a back alley and play volleyball. This was also really fun because nearly everyone in our group played high school volleyball, intramural volleyball, or college volleyball. So, it actually ran like a legitimate game. After volleyball, we would call it a night and head back to the hotel.

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant


Cambodian Youth Nights


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Cambodian Youth Nights

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