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Welcome to Jihi Elephant! I am Elizabeth and I am the creator of this website, blog, and store, Elizabeth! This page will give you a brief history of Jihi Elephant and some information about me. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me, elizabethghekiere[at]jihielephant[dot]com.


Brief History

In February of 2017, Jihi Elephant was created in response to my 3-week trip to Cambodia. During this trip, I was exposed to a lot of very difficult-to-stomach things (child sex trafficking, extreme poverty, genocide, etc.). Jihi Elephant has since morphed into an organization, bullet journaling, and positive living blog.

Jihi Elephant was named in response to my passion for people and my obsession with Elephants. Jihi is a Buddhist term referring to eliminating suffering with compassion. So, naturally…

The goal of Jihi Elephant is to help you create your best and most organized self by providing you with the tools you need to do so.



Cambodian Temples



About Creator

I am a full-time graduate school student studying clinical mental health counseling. My ultimate goal is providing support for those who need it and want it. When I am not studying I enjoy practicing yoga, painting, spending time out in the sun and in nature, and organizing. Overall, I am an optimistic person who values self-care and the creation of a better way of living.



Jihi Elephant

As a full-time graduate school student, I am constantly in need of new organizational techniques, they save my life. Jihi Elephant is the outlet for sharing my new organizational, bullet journaling, and positive living discoveries and obsessions.

Jihi Elephant provides organizational tips and tricks, bullet journaling inspiration, and tools for a positive lifestyle. With the free newsletter subscription, Jihi provides free printable planning pages, how-to’s, and workbooks. More hand drawn printable planning pages and eventually, entire hand-drawn bullet journals and planners can be found at the Jihi Elephant Store. Downloadable images, quotes, and fonts can be found in the Creative Market.


Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant

About Jihi Elephant


February 10, 2017