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Brain Dump Layout Inspiration for Bullet Journals

Bullet Journal Brain Dump Layout Inspiration

Have you ever used a brain dump layout in your bullet journal? This article will explain what a brain dump page is, how to get started, and will show you some beautiful examples! This post may contain affiliate links



What Is a Brain Dump Layout

For those of you who do not use or do not know what a brain dump page is, it is exactly what it sounds. A brain dump page is used to dump a bunch of random ideas running our in your brain down onto paper. This page is meant to remove mental chaos onto the page. These pages can be organized or random, and any design can be used.

This layout is meant to alleviate a cluttered mind and to help reorganize information. To do this, it is often helpful to write down all of your thoughts and then organize them into their proper place afterward. Sometimes thoughts become impossible to manage without visualizing them.


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How to Start a Brain Dump Page

Starting a brain dump page is simple. While, like any bullet journal layout, you have the option to add detail and thoroughly plan out your pages, for this one you do not have to. The easiest way to do a brain dump is to throw a title at the top of the page and start scribbling down your notes.

My favorite way to organize a brain dump page as I go is to use a new color for each new thought. I have also seen layouts where a key is created for it, and a different symbol is used to identify different types of thoughts (i.e., stuff to look up, stuff to remember, stuff to do, etc.).

Another way to do a brain dump is like a mind map. If you never learned about mind mapping is works like a tree, you mark a main thought in the center then branch other thoughts off of the main thought.



Inspiration Gallery

Now that you understand the brain dump layout a little more, here is a bunch of brain dump inspiration from various bullet journalers.



This is a great layout by BohoBerry! I love its simplicity.


I love that this layout has been incorporating into a monthly layout! Wonderful work @sunshine.and.stationery!


How cute is this one by @bujoist!?


I am a huge fan of watercolor, I created this brain dump with watercolor pens and a Staedtler pen!


Here is one of my first braindumps, I didn’t fill it, but I needed to get some ideas down on paper!


My favorite part about this brain dump by Mariam Poppins is that is it categorized! I love a well-organized layout!


This layout is the perfect example of using colors to organize a brain dump page. Each color is a new thought!


This brain dump by @seed_successful_you is unique because of the lines that have been combo’ed with bullet thoughts. I love the details as well!


Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals


This brain dump by SpaceandQuiet works similar to the mind map idea I mentioned before. It also provides checkboxes and plenty of open space!


I absolutely love this brain dump, but I cannot find it’s creator! I love how bold an creative the lettering is!


All of the thoughts have been blurred from this one, but I love the incorporation of the brian doodle and quote. Again, I could not find the wonderful artist.


This brain dump by @amandarachdoodles does an amazing job of using doodles, bullets, and categories!


If you haven’t read my post about my business bullet journal, this is my blog dump. It is simply a brain dump for my blog-related thoughts!


This last layout is a simple one by BohoBerry. I am a sucker for a good simple bullet journal layout!


A brain dump page is not for everyone, but for some people, it is a game changer. What are your thoughts about brain dumps? Do you like them or use them? Let me know what you are thinking in the comments below!


Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant




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