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Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Desiree. Desiree’s notebook was created in a black A6 size notebook with a fun and colorful theme. Layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, future log, monthly calendar, and weekly grid.

Layouts Included

Title Page:

In a simple and modern font I wrote “Desiree” then underneath a simple line I wrote “Martinez.”

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, January 2019 through December 2019, in a calendar format. The months are written vertically multiple colors in the same font as the title page. The main header is “2019 at a glance” in various print fonts. 

Future log:

This layout features 2 columns per page, each column features a month from that year. The header is a modern print font.

Monthly Calendar:

The left page of this layout is a calendar grid. The days of the week are indicated by modern print letters. The right side features a modern print font header and a section below. Each month features a different color pulled from the title and future layouts.

Weekly Grid:

This is a simple 8-square grid. All lettering is done in a simple modern print font. 

Tools Used

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