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How to Hide Ugly Home Essentials

How to Hide Ugly Home Essentials

If you’re sick of the less attractive (even ugly), but essential elements of your home distracting from the hard work you have taken to improve the property’s interior decor, you have come to the right place!


From TV and Apple Mac wires to Life Shield home security systems, there are countless, useful, important and necessary things that we all have in our homes, and which all help us to live safer happier lives, but which do little to add to the decor. That is okay, but if you want to hide these ‘unattractive’ items from view, there are lots of things you can do



Build a Cornice

If you love dressing your windows with pretty curtains and blinds, but you hate all of those rods and wires that come with it, then build or buy a window cornice, which will cover them up nicely. It’ll make your home look a lot more sophisticated too.


How to Hide Ugly Home Essentials


Cover It With Washi Tape

If there are things, like carbon monoxide detectors and security alarms that you simply cannot cover up completely, lest you ruin their functionality, then invest in a few rolls of pretty, patterned washi tape that match your decor and cover the parts that can be covered with that instead. It’s completely temporary and perfect for making the plain or unattractive a lot prettier.


Use a Screen

Got a pile of junk or some shelving units that are spilling over in the corner, but you don’t have the time, money or inclination to declutter and organize them right now? Invest in a pretty Japanese screen and use that to conceal your shame. Just hope that none of your guests dare to take a peek behind, lest they find out your secret!


Storage Boxes Hide a Multitude of Sins

Whether it’s your internet router, the spare landline phone you keep for emergencies, your Roku box or anything else, a pretty decorative storage box could be your savior, hiding them from view. Just cut a small hole big enough for any essential wires to be fed out of in the back and you’ll be good to go.


Cable Sleeves

If you have a lot of cables and, not only do they make the place look untidy, but they also have a tendency to get tangled too, get yourself a cable sleeve, which will conceal them and keep them in good order. If you like, you could even cover them with washi tape, so they look even better, too.


How to Hide Ugly Home Essentials


Books are Great for Hiding Stuff

If you want your decor to look decluttered and at least a little more classic, buy a handful of used books, hollow them out and use them to hide small objects. Once they are up on the shelf they’ll look they were always meant to be there, they’ll sort out the clutter problem, and your guests will be impressed by your extensive book collection.


You don’t have to settle for a home that’s filled with the clutter of functional, but not exactly fashionable items, use the ideas above to help you hide them!


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How to Hide Ugly Home Essentials