30+ Ways to Use Mason Jars for Organization

Mason Jar Organization

Anyone who uses Mason jars knows how amazing they are! These jars can be used and reused, painted and glitter-fied. The best part is that they won’t break your bank! While Mason jars have many decorative uses, here is a list of organizational uses for Mason jars.

Mason Jar Organization

Food & Beverages

Among other uses, Mason jars are great for meal planning and food storage! Since Mason jars can be stored in warm, room temperature, and cool areas, they are incredibly versatile. For example, these jars can be used to store yogurt, dried fruit and nuts, noodles, beverage powders, seeds and grains, teas, and coffee!


Is your morning too busy to make breakfast? Try creating parfaits in mason jars the night before! Then next, just add fruit and yogurt! No need to spend money on on-the-go friendly yogurt, when you can get a tub and create your own small yogurt!

Pixabay Mason Jar Organization YOgurt

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Nuts and Dried Fruits

Just like yogurt, nuts and dried fruits can be easily stored in an airtight Mason jar for long last and easy to-go portioning!

Mason Jar Organization Nuts and Dried Fruit


Is anyone out there, beside me, always spilling noodles out of already opened boxes? Mason jars are an amazing fix for those who don’t use an entire box in one sitting! After I open a box of noodles, I dump what’s left into a jar and store it in my pantry. PERFECT!

Mason Jar Organization Noodles

Beverage Powders

Storing beverage powders is where my love for Mason jar food storage began. During undergraduate school, I was constantly packing my car up and moving. I had massive cans and tubs of beverage powders that slowly dwindled. My last year, I had forgotten to pack these tubs (which were now at least half used). There was no more room in my car!

However, I had some empty jars taking up space. I decided to consolidate using my jars and getting rid of the massive tubs. Voila!

Mason Jar Organization Beverage Powders


I love storing my oatmeal in jars instead of the paper containers it comes in. plus, the jars fit better on my shelves!

Mason Jar Organization Oatmeal

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I use Mason jars to store both grounds and not ground chia and flax seeds, but the list of possibilities doesn’t end there! Get creative, store pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, or whatever else it is that you like!

Mason Jar Organization Seeds

Loose-Leaf Tea

When I was in Cambodia, I purchased some loose-leaf tea. The tea came in a bag, so once it was opened, the tea needed a new place to live. A jar is a perfect place for loose leaf tea to be stored. Plus, the jars can stack and be labeled for ultimate organization!

Mason Jar Organization Loose Leaf Tea


Like the tea, coffee can come in bags which are messier once they’ve been opened. Dump your coffee beans or grinds into a jar for easy storage and access!

Mason Jar Organization Coffee


In addition to food storage, Mason jars work wonders in the kitchen! For example, they can be used to store utensils, baking supplies, Coffee products, and more!


Utensils are probably the most popular use of jars in the kitchen. I see this all over Pinterest and use it in my own home.

Mason Jar Organization Kitchen Utensils

Baking & Other Powders

Baking and other powders being stored in Mason jars work much like beverage powders. These can be stored in large and small jars, labeled, and stacked.

Mason Jar Organization Baking Powders

Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners come in bags, so, once they are opened it, it is only a matter of time before they make a mess. Putting them into Mason jars give ease of access and they remain stored in a stackable, organized manner.

Mason Jar Organization Cupcake Liners

Coffee Products

Just like we stored the actual coffee above, we need an attractive counter-top storage method of the sugar and creamer. Mason jars are perfect! Not only are they attractive on their own, but they can be redecorated to fit your décor!

Mason Jar Organization Sugar

Bathroom and Toiletries

I absolutely love using Mason jars to store my bathroom products and toiletries, as well as makeup and other beauty products. The products can sit on the counter, covered or uncovered, and are visible!


Mason Jar Organization Qtips

Cotton Balls

Mason Jar Organization Cotton Balls


Mason Jar Organization Floss

Tooth Picks

Mason Jar Organization Tooth Pick

Paper Cups


Mason Jar Organization Tooth Brushes


Mason Jar Organization Tampons


There are so many small items in the beauty category that fit wonderfully into small or normal sized mason jars. You literally can’t go wrong in using jars for organizational purposes here.

Bobby Pins and Hair Clips

Mason Jar Organization Clips and Bobby Pins or Hair Pins

Brushes & Combs

Mason Jar Organization Hair Brushes

Makeup Brushes

In order to improve brush organization, I add small pebbles into the jar to keep the brushes sturdy. But that is, of course, an option.

Mason Jar Organization Makeup Brushes

Makeup Products

Lip Products

Mason Jar Organization Lipstick


Mason Jar Organization Eye Liner


Mason Jar Organization Mascara

Earrings and Earring Backs

I have such a massive collection of earrings, which I store on DIY cork boards. The backs, however, I keep in small jars. Check it out!

Mason Jar Organization Earring Backs

Bath Products

Bath products such as Epsom salt, scrubs, and other bath salt mixtures store beautifully in jars!

Epsom Salt & Bath Salts

I hate keeping my salts in the bag or carton they come in. I stock up on salts and keep them in jars!

Mason Jar Organization Bath Salt


Just like my bath salts, I keep my scrubs stored in jars in my refrigerator or in a cool dry pantry. Then as needed, I refill the smaller container that is stored along with my beauty and bath products.

Mason Jar Organization Lip Scrub


I’m already using mason jars everywhere else in my house, why stop in the office!? Jars are so so so useful in the office. If you have been reading my blog since the first few posts, you know how I use the jars for storage on my desk. Let’s take a look!

Paper Clips, Push Pins, and Magnets

While most office uses for mason jars are on top of the desk, I use jars to store various small items in my desk drawers. I store items like paper clips, push pins, and magnets in small mason jars!

Mason Jar Organization Paper Clips and Pins

Pens and Other Writing Utensils

Mason Jar Organization Pens and Pencils

Miscellaneous Desk-Top Items

Miscellaneous desktop items refer to items like rulers, scissors, and anything else you keep at your desk that doesn’t fit the other categories. Be creative.

Mason Jar Organization Scissors


Erasers, like the paper clips and push pins, get stored on my desk in a smaller jar. Though, they would do just fine on the desktop if you use them enough.

Mason Jar Organization Erasers


There are other amazing ways to use mason jars for organizing. Here are a few!

Spare Change

Using jars to collect spare change is not only great for organization but is an awesome way to save!

Mason Jar Organization Change


If you aren’t a crafter, you can still use this idea. Next time you get a button with a new sweater or coat, drop the little baggy into a jar. Your collection will slowly grow and you’ll never loose a button again!

Mason Jar Organization Buttons

Candles / Tealights

Like the cupcake liners, tea lights and small candles don’t store well in the containers they are purchased in (usually plastic bags). In order to decrease the mess, store these in a mason jar!

Mason Jar Candle Organizaition

What do you use Mason Jars for? Let me know in the comments!