A Minimal Bullet Journal for Men | Bullet Journal Walkthrough

My Boyfriend’s Planner | Bullet Journal Walkthrough

Each year I make a planner for Mark. Creating a bullet journal for someone else is particularly difficult because you want it to be useful for them and for them to enjoy it. This can sometimes mean that you do not have very much creative freedom. I love making this planner for him—I keep it simple. So here is a walkthrough of the incredibly minimalistic 2018 planner I created as a gift.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

Planner Specs

For his bullet journal, I used the Essential Grid line notebook size A5. This is his favorite planner notebook, so I stuck with it. Here is a list of the notebook specs:

  • Black Hardcover
  • Classic A5 size (5.5 inches x 8 inches)
  • 192 grid-lined pages
  • Elastic band
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Inside back cover pocket

I love this notebook, it is sturdy and the pages rarely bleed (except when I use paint or permanent markers). Highly recommend. Get this notebook here.

Basic Overview

Now we are getting to what I did to the notebook! This is my favorite part because it was so fun to do. I love minimal designs and that is exactly what I knew he would want—simple and practical. Let’s look at the planner!

My Boyfriend’s Planner |Bullet Journal Walkthrough

Title Page

I love a simple title page. This one is exactly that. It shows the owner and year of the bullet journal in a clear print. For the title, I used the Fine liner Pens by Pluqis size 10 pen.

My Boyfriend’s Planner |Bullet Journal Walkthrough


The index for Mark’s planner turned out so great. However, it was the page that took the most work. The notebook I chose does not come with numbered pages, so I had to manually number each page. Then I listed the pages in a clear print using dots to connect the page name to the page number. Thankfully the contents only required two pages, because that is all I had allocated! Phew! For the index, I used the Fine liner Pens by Pluqis size 6 pen.

Year at a Glance & Goals Pages

These pages are not super important, though I know that Mark appreciates them and wants to focus more on goals. For these reasons, I included them.

For the Year at a Glance page, I used my black Papermate Felt Tip pen to write the numbers and my Letter and Number stamps for the titling. I am not a huge fan of the look of the stamps mixed with the rest of the aesthetic of the bullet journal, though it looks fine.

For the Goals page, I left it very blank because I wanted Mark to make it his own. So, I simply titled the page using the Fine liner Pens by Pluqis size 10 pen again (most titles are made using this pen).

Monthly Layout

All the monthly pages are basically the same. They all have a month title using the Fine liner Pens by Pluqis size 10 pen, a view of the month, and a goals section. The month grid was created using the size 10 pen again and the writing was done with the size 6 and 8 pens.

Weekly Layout

Similar to the monthly layouts in Mark’s 2018 Planner, the weekly layouts are all essentially the same. They are all created in the same way including a title, date range, 7-day squares, and 1 goal square that is left blank. The titles at the top of the pages were created with the Fine liner Pens by Pluqis size 10 pen. The smaller lettering in the titles was created using the size 3 pen and the writing in the squares was done in size 6.

Notes Section

For the remaining pages, I left them blank with page numbers. This section has one title page using the size 10 pen.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

The planner gift-giving went great and he loves it! A huge success! Would you be interested in a bullet journal like Mark’s? Shoot me an email and we can talk!

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant

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