Organizing Your Mess for A Better Bathroom

Organizing Your Mess for A Better Bathroom

A messy bathroom can be unappealing, to say the least. A bathroom should be sparkling and sanitary, which isn’t always possible when your bathroom is full of clutter. The good news is that your bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to declutter in your home, so if you’ve got some free time and you like a challenge – this could be a task for the weekend. Enjoy a better bathroom by taking the following steps to organizing your mess. This post may contain affiliate links.


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Free Up Your Medicine Cabinets

The simplest way to begin your bathroom decluttering is to empty your cabinets of medicines that you no longer need or are out of date. While you might be tempted to hold onto antibiotics bottles that you didn’t finish or strong prescription-only painkillers, you could adversely affect your health by doing so. Clear out all of those old bottles and free up some space in your cabinets for other things.

Dispose Of Old Toiletries

We can all be guilty of holding onto the dregs of old toiletries, but if you’re no longer using them, then it’s time for them to go. Get rid of those old bottles of shampoo or shower gel that have served their purpose and only use what you need. There are plenty of products that you can recycle in your bathroom, to help keep things green and environmentally-friendly.

Organizing Your Mess for A Better Bathroom

Move Everything Out Of Sight

A bathroom full of products might provide you with everything you need and more, but having everything out on display can instantly make your bathroom look untidy. By moving everything away from the side of the bath and the sink, your bathroom will look much cleaner and more spacious.  Moving products away from the floor and other parts of your bathroom will make it easier to tackle problems with, giving plumbers easy access to your water supplies and utilities.

If you find space is an issue, you might want to invest in some additional storage options for your bathroom to help you keep it clutter-free. ABC Home & Commercial Plumbing Services can rework your plumbing should you need to reconfigure your bathroom to accommodate further storage. It might sound like a more drastic action, but you’ll be surprised by the difference it can make.

Only Keep What You Use On The Daily

Your bathroom can soon turn into somewhere to store all of your household hygiene products. From first aid kits to cleaning supplies, it’s no wonder your bathroom looks full and cluttered. Move the things you use less often to places like the kitchen or the garage, where there is more room to store them. Save your bathroom for the products you use to clean yourself and nothing else.

Organizing Your Mess for A Better Bathroom

Impose A Toiletries Ban

It’s easy to accumulate a wealth of toiletries and bath products, but do you really need them all? Who really needs multiple shower gel scents or five different body lotions? From now on, only buy products that you’re replenishing to help you keep the clutter down. That way you’ll only have what you need, and you won’t end up wasting a load of perfectly good products.

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Use Organizers For Simple Storage

There are some great items you can use to make clever use of bathroom storage. File organizers attached to the wall are great for keeping hair styling products, while magnetic strips can be great for shaving tools and hair accessories. Take a look at some useful bathroom storage hacks to help you create more space in the bathroom.

Organizing Your Mess for A Better Bathroom

Add Shelves To Free Up Floor And Surface Space

Adding some shelves to your bathroom can really free up some floor and surface space, helping to give it a much neater look. You can use your shelves to display toiletries or use them as a decorative feature. If you can’t install bathroom shelves (due to rental agreements, space), then adding a bath shelf could solve some of your issues. Bath shelves are great for creating a relaxing bathroom, giving you a place to put candles, a glass of fizz and your favorite products to help you ease your stresses in the tub.

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A clutter-free bathroom is easier to clean and makes a great impression on guests and visitors. By taking steps to rid your bathroom of the mess, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle, while also cutting down on your cleaning time. Get everyone to do their bit to adopt better bathroom habits for a better, mess-free bathroom.

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