Perfectly Penned Articles

I am a writer over at Perfectly Penned. Since early 2019 I have begun writing regularly and would like to share these posts with my readers here at Jihi Elephant. Here are a list of articles which I have written for Perfectly Penned.

Your Definitive Bullet Journal Glossary. Terminology Made Simple

A definitive bullet journal glossary, explaining all of the essential terms and phrases you need to know.

Should I Waste My Time Bullet Journaling

Should you waste your time bullet journaling? We certainly think so, in this article, we tell you why.

You Are Missing out If You Don’t Follow These 25 Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

We round up the very best bullet journal Instagram accounts that you simply must follow

Perfectly Penned Articles

Easy Tips to Start Journaling with Any Notebook

We share some tips on how you can start journaling with any notebook lined or blank.

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