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Is Your Home Beyond Hope? Tell-tale Signs your Décor is Stuck in the Past

Tell-tale Signs your Décor is Stuck in the Past

You’ll love your home regardless of its flaws, whether you have a living room that is stuck in the swinging sixties or whether you have wooden paneling that is as old as your grandmother. If you are thinking about doing some serious renovations to your home, then it does help to take a good look at your property to find out what you NEED to improve rather than what you want to improve. Dated touches may seem somewhat appealing to you, but they may not be when the time does come for you to sell your home so this is one of the many things that you need to think about.



White Appliances

Stainless steel is now more popular than ever, and this is especially the case when it comes to appliances. The main reason for this is because it looks clean, and it is actually very easy to wipe-down when it has been used. If you still have one of those old white stoves or even a very old microwave, then there is a high chance that it is time to get things updated a bit. White appliances are very hard to clean, and they can even deter buyers from your home because they just look old. If you want to upgrade, then you don’t have to go for stainless steel, because it is more than possible for you to opt for black or even bronze. All of these colors work very well, and you’d be surprised at how great they can look when they are in your home.


Is Your Home Beyond Hope? Tell-tale Signs your Décor is Stuck in the Past


Mosaic Splashbacks

Mosaic splashbacks were very popular a couple of decades ago, but if you have a splashback that is bright blue or bottle green in color, then it may be time for you to update this. A mosaic splashback is usually made up of several, very small tiles rather than the bigger tiles you see in today’s kitchens. When upgrading this part of your home, you may be thinking that black or white is the way to go, but this isn’t the case at all. This could have your home looking like a chessboard, or it could even make your head spin when you enter the room. Instead of opting for these colors, try and opt for colors such as cream, beige, forest green or even neutral colors. This will help to bring the wooden cabinets in your kitchen together, and it is a great way for you to set the tone. If you have a lot of red appliances, then don’t be afraid to opt for a bright red and white splashback. Just make sure that your kitchen is modern enough to handle the color choice before you get it installed.


Is Your Home Beyond Hope? Tell-tale Signs your Décor is Stuck in the Past 


Busy Wallpaper

Outdated wallpaper is usually very busy. You may have pictures of cats on the wall, birds or huge flowers. Swirls are also another big, outdated design so if you suspect that your wallpaper falls into these categories, then it is certainly time to redecorate. If you are thinking about redecorating then you need to make sure that you again, go for neutral colors. This may sound boring, but it is more than possible for you to spice things up with your artwork or even your decoration, so make sure that you take this into account. If you think that you don’t have the money to take care of all these renovations, then consider going for homeowner loans by Evolution Money. They can give you a loan for any home upgrade you need, and it is a great way for you to remove any financial limitations that you may have when re-doing your décor.


Relaxing Bath


Green Bathrooms

There is nothing worse than stepping into a green bathroom. Green bathrooms are synonymous with older homes so if you have a bright green bathroom set or if you have a green bath that you haven’t had the chance to replace yet then this is certainly something that you should deal with. Try and replace it with white, or buy a full set that comes complete with a sink and a basin as well. This will save you a lot of money, and it is a great way for you to get your whole bathroom sorted out and without much effort. While you are doing this, you can then go on to replace any taps or any fixtures that you have, because white goes with just about anything and this includes bronze, black and even stainless steel so don’t be afraid to experiment.


Regardless of how old your home is, if you are planning to sell or are tired of the old touches, now is the perfect time to upgrade!


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Tell-tale Signs your Décor is Stuck in the Past